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Voice Broadcasting Services

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been operating as a privately held corporation since 1978, providing technology products and services to a wide range of industries and government organizations. DSC has developed call center software and phone systems for businesses and community organizations. DSC provides automatic phone system solutions including call processing phone systems and outsourced calling services.

DSC is a leading supplier of both voice broadcasting phone systems and voice messaging services. The DSC autodialing phones incorporate the latest processors from Intel and are managed using Windows operating systems. DSC also utilizes computer telephony components manufactured and supplied by Dialogic that control the phone functions.

Our voice broadcasting products include outsourced hosted voice broadcasting services, software development, and complete turnkey phone system solutions. Please feel free to contact us to receive any further information about these voice broadcast solutions.

Contact DSC to learn more about our voice message broadcasting services.

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Register Online For Voice Broadcasting Service

If you wish to use our voice broadcasting phone services, DSC is pleased to offer significant discounts when you use our Online Registration Form. This is a quick and easy way to create an online account and manage your voice broadcasting campaigns.

Start Calling In Just Minutes!. Using our new online signup lets you get started immediately with your calling campaign. Simply create an account and agree to our standard terms and conditions. Then download your list of phone numbers and record a message. We accept major credit cards and for as little as $25, you can begin calling. Its that simple!

If you have any questions, please call us at 602-265-5968.

Goodwill Industries

"Since 1959, Goodwill Industries Hawaii has provided job placement, career development, education, training, employment and support services for people throughout the state. Over 10,000 Hawaii residents each year have benefitted from Goodwill s services, and thousands have found employment in our community." - www.higoodwill.org

Goodwill Industries - Hawaii utilizes our automated phone broadcast services to contact individuals for both emergency and non-emergency functions. Our call center then contacts these individuals using our auto dialer and provides them with a voice message as recorded by Goodwill personnel.

Smartphone Voice Broadcasting

Now you can manage your message broadcasting service campaigns using your Android or iPhone smartphones. The following easy to use functions are available to smartphone users.

  • Login to your account
  • Select a list of phone numbers to call
  • Select saved recordings to broadcast
  • Record messages by calling our service
  • Start and Stop a voice broadcast
  • Monitor the voice broadcast in progress
The DSC smartphone application now lets you manage any number of voice broadcasts using simple phone commands. Contact DSC to learn more about this simple way to control your mass broadcasting service campaign and to obtain a copy of this smartphone application.

Voice Broadcast Solutions

Database Systems Corp. is one of the pioneers in the development of voice broadcasting technology. In the early 90's, DSC developed its own PC based phone dialer that evolved from a predictive dialer and added agentless dialing campaigns to its computer telephony software.

What Is Voice Broadcasting?

    Voice broadcasting (also refered to as phone broadcasting or message broadcasting) is a modern communications technology that blasts a voice phone message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. This technology is often used for community alerts and notifications or in business applications.
The DSC voice broadcast system manages phone lists and instructs the phone controller to dial a number. If the call is answered (either by an answering machine or an individual), a pre-recorded phone message is played. If the voice broadcast system detects a no answer condition or busy signal, the message can be rescheduled for delivery later that day or into the following day.

If an individual answers a voice broadcast call, an IVR program can be invoked presenting menu selections to the call recipient just like an inbound call. These types of campaigns are often referred to as outbound IVR programs.

DSC provides voice broadcasting service to many communities and private business organization. Here are the different types of DSC voice broadcasting products and services.

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